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 Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to announce that your mods have finally pulled together and decided on a date and time for our first Christmas livestream. This livestream will take place in the morning to give all you early birds a chance to party, and we hope to schedule another one at a later date, most likely for all the evening/night owls! 

I will be livestreaming Disney's The Santa Clause on Saturday, December 15th at 11 AM PST. The channel I will put up later. We'll also put up discussions, trivia, and other fun stuff for you guys to join in! Be sure to invite your friends. 

As for the other movie I will stream, Mickey's Christmas Carol, it would be helpful for you to suggest another date and time in the comments that is good for you if you are unable to make it to this one. 

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 Hey, Secret Santa participants! All of the assignments have now been sent out. If you did not receive your assignment PM/email, please comment here so I can take care of it. 

You can start working on your project as soon as you get it! :D
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 Thank you to everyone who signed up! We're very pleased that we have a good number of participants this year. You will be receiving your assignments this week so that you may start on them by Saturday, December 1st

Please remember that our final due dates for your assignments still have not changed. You will send in your gift on or before December 21st, and you will receive your gift the next day. 

Please be aware of your PM Inbox/email/your preferred method of contact for the next few days. We don't want to to accidentally miss our notices! 

Again, thanks to all who signed up. It's going to be a very fun experience for everyone!

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We're extending the sign-up window for our Secret Santa by three days, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible. It's our first community event and we would love for it to really go off with a bang! 

Come on, it'll be awesome!
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Just to refresh your memory, we are still doing our Secret Santa gift exchange and encourage everyone to sign up! Make sure to get your entry in by next week! All you need to do is leave a comment, and your modsquad will take care of the rest! 
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As [community profile] thelaughingplace is a general Disney community, any sort of discussion/fanworks/ect. pertaining to any company, characters, or franchises owned or currently run by the Walt Disney Company is allowed here.

This includes such things as:
  • Pixar
  • Marvel Comics
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Disneynature
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • The Muppets
  • Lucasfilms (Star Wars/Indiana Jones)
Basically, if Disney is directly involved with whatever you're posting, it's allowed! We encourage you to keep it more geared toward Disney and Pixar's own cartoons and movies, though, but everything's fair game. 

Have fun!

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Welcome to our first official community event here at thelaughingplace! *confetti*

Christmas time is here and we’re going all out with a bunch of festive events over the next month or so. Expect livestreams, special posts, discussions and spam parties! 

But to truly kick off the season, it’s time for a SECRET SANTA!

Just use the sign up form below, telling us a bit about yourself, and we’ll give you someone to make something fancy for in return!

Should you have a question, either PM a mod or leave a comment on the super special questions post which will be up before long.

Key Dates

The sign-up post (i.e this one) will be closed to new sign-ups on the 21st November.

You will receive your giftee's information on the 22nd November.

Sign-up details in cut! )

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I thought this might be fun to do every so often, because there are TONS of communities out there, so, does anyone have any community recommendations? It can be either LJ or DW.

Or, for the tumblr users, any cool Disney blogs worth following?

Any rec left in the comments I'll edit to add in this post so that EVERYONE can see it (:

Anyways you guys have a nice Saturday (:

Disney Concept Art
World of Color
Fireworks Over the Castle
Disney Parks Photo Project
Forgotten Disney
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My fellow Disney fans, let me tell you the backstory of your beloved modsquad, myself, [personal profile] keelypso , and [personal profile] allystoybarn.

We have migrated to Dreamwidth because we saw there as no active general Disney community (and so few Disney comms in general), but before we were part of an LJ community called the Walt Disney Rewatch, in which we watched a Disney movie (or at least had one scheduled) for every single week! We still do it whenever we have time, but what's the point of having all these new members around if we can't get you all in on the fun too?

So! I'm pitching it to you now: how many of you would like to participate in an occasional livestream of a Disney film? We already have a livestream account, or we can try to post links and have everyone watch it separately! Would you be able to join us? Of course, we could figure out all the schedule details and stuff later if we get enough people. Since Christmas is fast approaching, I thought it'd be cool if we could do some Christmassy Disney films (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Muppets Christmas Carol).

In addition to livestreams, maybe we could even set a few hours aside closer to the holiday and just have a big ol Christmas spam party here on the comm. All this, plus our in-the-works Secret Santa gift exchange, should make for a grand time here during this holiday season!

Suggestions? Comments? Got an idea for more Christmas stuff we can do? Post in the comments and one of the modsquad will get back to ya!
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Thanks to the fabulous suggestion of sirvalkyrie, we're considering holding a Secret Santa event here at thelaughingplace!

So we wanted to get an idea of numbers. If you're interested in being involved in a fic/art/whateveryouplease exchange, leave a comment here!
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To help this community be a real community and run as smoothly as possible, we'd like to hear from you!

If you have any suggestions to improve any of our features, an idea for an event, or perhaps a new feature, just post a comment below and one of the mods will get back to you.



Nov. 4th, 2012 09:50 am
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Comment below if you'd like to affiliate your community with ours. It does not necessarily have to be a Disney community. The official affiliates list is in our profile. Once you're accepted, your community name will appear there. 

Get to it! :D


Nov. 4th, 2012 08:55 am
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This is a community for anything and everything having to do with the Walt Disney Company, mainly its cartoons and live-action movies.

Here are a few short, simple guidelines. This is meant to be a friendly place, and with everyone's cooperation we are going to keep it that way!.

- If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, PM [personal profile] gigirl942 or [personal profile] keelypso

- This group is open membership!

- You are allowed to post discussions, questions, fanworks, graphics, or pretty much anything having to do with the Disney name. 

- Trolling/flaming/posting intentionally antagonistic or inflammatory content is strictly prohibited. If you see this behavior going on, please report it immediately and leave the problem to the moderators. 

- As for what you can post, pretty much anything having to do with the Disney name goes, though the community's main focus is on Disney's animation and live-action media. Graphics, fanworks, discussions, news, questions, and all other Disney posts are allowed! 

- If you would like to affiliate with this community, please visit the affiliates post

- Please tag your posts. If you don't know the appropriate tags or are having trouble with tagging, please contact a mod. Tags beginning with a period (example ".mod") are for moderator use only. 

- If you are posting something with NSFW content, please 1) put it under a cut, 2) put a clear warning in the title (just "NSFW" will do in most cases) and 3) tag it with the appropriate ratings tags. Any posts containing anything above a PG-13 rating that is not under a cut  will be deleted, though you may resubmit this post with a cut and it will be allowed. 

- Have fun! Our mission is to make this place a fun, awesome hangout for all Disney fans. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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