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This is a community for anything and everything having to do with the Walt Disney Company, mainly its cartoons and live-action movies.

Here are a few short, simple guidelines. This is meant to be a friendly place, and with everyone's cooperation we are going to keep it that way!.

- If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, PM [personal profile] gigirl942 or [personal profile] keelypso

- This group is open membership!

- You are allowed to post discussions, questions, fanworks, graphics, or pretty much anything having to do with the Disney name. 

- Trolling/flaming/posting intentionally antagonistic or inflammatory content is strictly prohibited. If you see this behavior going on, please report it immediately and leave the problem to the moderators. 

- As for what you can post, pretty much anything having to do with the Disney name goes, though the community's main focus is on Disney's animation and live-action media. Graphics, fanworks, discussions, news, questions, and all other Disney posts are allowed! 

- If you would like to affiliate with this community, please visit the affiliates post

- Please tag your posts. If you don't know the appropriate tags or are having trouble with tagging, please contact a mod. Tags beginning with a period (example ".mod") are for moderator use only. 

- If you are posting something with NSFW content, please 1) put it under a cut, 2) put a clear warning in the title (just "NSFW" will do in most cases) and 3) tag it with the appropriate ratings tags. Any posts containing anything above a PG-13 rating that is not under a cut  will be deleted, though you may resubmit this post with a cut and it will be allowed. 

- Have fun! Our mission is to make this place a fun, awesome hangout for all Disney fans. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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