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Today my dad pretty much confirmed that he's willing to help me make my way back to Disneyland California next year, and even though it's months away, I'm getting pretty excited.

So, have you visited one, or more of the Disney Parks? Which is your favourite? If you haven't been to any, which would you like to go to most?



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The Mad T Party is a colorful, psychadelic Alice in Wonderland themed bash currently running in Disney Hollywood Studios Backlot at Disney California Adventure, the companion park to Disneyland in Anaheim. Though some had initially feared it would not be a worthy successor to ElecTRONica, the Tron: Legacy themed party that had gone on for years before, it has drawn praise from many for its stunning band and genuine party atmosphere. It is extremely popular with mainly teens and adults.

Now, a few were worried that the Mad T Party, being more of a summer show, would not make it to this holiday season, but fear not! According to the official Disney Parks blog, the Mad T Party will take on an all new Christmas theme just for this holiday season, making it unique among the shows that it has replaced.

"Those who venture down the Rabbit Hole will discover new delights – from fanciful garlands to elegant icicles to special edition silver tokens at the Mad Arcade – along with all-new songs and a bit of snowfall, just in time for T."

This is definitely great news for any fan of Disneyland!


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