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 Hey, everyone. I'm really very sorry, but unfortunately I can't do the livestream today! My room is being remodeled this morning (which I previously did not know about) and I just won't be able to get everything set up in time. Again, apologies!

If you really want to see me livestream this movie, maybe some of you could suggest dates and times for me in the comments? I really want to be able to do this with all of you.

When do you think we could get this done?  
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 Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to announce that your mods have finally pulled together and decided on a date and time for our first Christmas livestream. This livestream will take place in the morning to give all you early birds a chance to party, and we hope to schedule another one at a later date, most likely for all the evening/night owls! 

I will be livestreaming Disney's The Santa Clause on Saturday, December 15th at 11 AM PST. The channel I will put up later. We'll also put up discussions, trivia, and other fun stuff for you guys to join in! Be sure to invite your friends. 

As for the other movie I will stream, Mickey's Christmas Carol, it would be helpful for you to suggest another date and time in the comments that is good for you if you are unable to make it to this one. 



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