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 Here is the masterpost for The Laughing Place's 2012 Secret Santa event!

Thank you very much to all six of our awesome participants! The Laughing Place's first community event was certainly a glowing success.

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I've made a couple of things as I'm not too confident in my fic-writing abilities, haha. I do hope you enjoy them, though ♥

Title: For Always
Film: Toy Story (set between 2 and 3)
Characters: Woody, Bo
Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Friends come and go. Leaving is inevitable, and having been around for years, Bo knows this more than any other toy. But no matter what, she'll never forget the friends she made.

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And here's the little something extra:

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Hope you like 'em!
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For [personal profile] lishiewishes - I hope there's something here that you'll like :)

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Hope you enjoy this, [personal profile] tessathesenator!

Title: The Play's the Thing
Word Count: 1,375
Fandom:Disney's Hercules
Pairing: Megara/Hercules
Rating: PG
Summary: Hercules isn't too thrilled about his portrayal in a new play, so Meg gives him a pep talk.

Notes: I really hope you enjoy this! I apologize in advance for my inner Greek Theater nerd coming out. For anyone interested, the play at the heart of this is Aristophane's The Frogs.

(Heroes, always trying to do what’s best even when it’s stupid.)
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I really hope you like it! And I really hope the length is okay. I tried my best to keep it around 1,000 words, but sometimes that doesn't work out so great for me. Hopefully less than 1,500 still works XD .

Title: We Wish You Well
Word Count: 1,488
Fandom: Disney Pixar's Brave
Characters: Elinor, Fergus, Merida, brief appearances by the triplets
Rating: Should be G! As G as G can be, even if it is a teeny bit bittersweet
Summary: A princess has many duties, some that might take her far from home. The day has come for Merida to set off on a voyage to a foreign kingdom to meet and deal with its leaders. Although Elinor and Fergus have all the faith in world in her, although they trust that she'll do them proud and do honor to Dunbroch, they're also still her parents and so they can't help but tear up now that the time has finally come to see her off. However,  family is family, and her parents bring some gifts for their daughter that will hopefully help keep Merida safe and well, and help her keep her family in her thoughts, no matter how great the distance that might separate them.


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Title: Heavy Water
Fandom: The Little Mermaid
Characters: Ariel, Athena
For: Sally (autumndays)
Rating: G
Summary: Young Ariel shows her mother one of the neat things she has found in her exploration. Her mother then explains what it is.
Note: I have never seen any of the sequels. This was based on my imagination of what her mother would be like from watching the first movie. I only borrowed the name for her from the movie because I rather like it.

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 Hello to all Secret Santa participants! This post is to remind you that your Secret Santa gifts are due in one week. If you are having trouble/need help, please do not hesitate to PM me! 

I will also be sending out a reminder PM closer to the date. 

Thank you!
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 Hey, Secret Santa participants! All of the assignments have now been sent out. If you did not receive your assignment PM/email, please comment here so I can take care of it. 

You can start working on your project as soon as you get it! :D
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 Thank you to everyone who signed up! We're very pleased that we have a good number of participants this year. You will be receiving your assignments this week so that you may start on them by Saturday, December 1st

Please remember that our final due dates for your assignments still have not changed. You will send in your gift on or before December 21st, and you will receive your gift the next day. 

Please be aware of your PM Inbox/email/your preferred method of contact for the next few days. We don't want to to accidentally miss our notices! 

Again, thanks to all who signed up. It's going to be a very fun experience for everyone!

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We're extending the sign-up window for our Secret Santa by three days, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do so as soon as possible. It's our first community event and we would love for it to really go off with a bang! 

Come on, it'll be awesome!
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 Our Secret Santa signups are still open, everyone! Make sure to get yours in tomorrow (date subject to change) before it closes! 

Go, go, go!! :D
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Just to refresh your memory, we are still doing our Secret Santa gift exchange and encourage everyone to sign up! Make sure to get your entry in by next week! All you need to do is leave a comment, and your modsquad will take care of the rest! 
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Welcome to our first official community event here at thelaughingplace! *confetti*

Christmas time is here and we’re going all out with a bunch of festive events over the next month or so. Expect livestreams, special posts, discussions and spam parties! 

But to truly kick off the season, it’s time for a SECRET SANTA!

Just use the sign up form below, telling us a bit about yourself, and we’ll give you someone to make something fancy for in return!

Should you have a question, either PM a mod or leave a comment on the super special questions post which will be up before long.

Key Dates

The sign-up post (i.e this one) will be closed to new sign-ups on the 21st November.

You will receive your giftee's information on the 22nd November.

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Thanks to the fabulous suggestion of sirvalkyrie, we're considering holding a Secret Santa event here at thelaughingplace!

So we wanted to get an idea of numbers. If you're interested in being involved in a fic/art/whateveryouplease exchange, leave a comment here!


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