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 From Box Office Mojo:

"Wreck-It Ralph easily took first place with an estimated $49.1 million, which is the highest opening weekend ever for a Disney Animation movie ahead of Tangled's $48.8 million (though that burnt off demand with a Wednesday debut). It was also up on 2005's Chicken Little ($40.1 million), albeit on slightly lower attendance. However, despite giving off a strong Pixar vibe (Toy Story for videogames, essentially), Ralph fell short of Pixar's $60 million standard, which reinforces just how strong that brand is in the world of animation." 

Ray Subers, the writer of this article, attribute's Ralph's excellent opening weekend to "the 
fact that it was broadly appealing in concept and execution". 

In addition to financial success, this movie is also enjoying modest critical success with a eighty-four percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a stellar four and a half out of five stars for Cinema Blend, which also encourages potential viewers to splurge and see the movie in 3D. 

"I immediately want a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph." 

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As you may already know, Wreck-it Ralph premiered in the United States last Friday, November 2nd 2012 and the reviews are rolling in for this highly anticipated flick set in multiple gaming worlds. Disney Examiner, a fan-run news journal, has posted a spoiler-free review on their website for those debating on whether to see the movie as part of their "Fall Flicks" reviews.

According to the review, Wreck-it Ralph is a definite winner, telling a compelling story "by utilizing the concept of video games" instead of simply relying on only  the game references themselves to carry the film. The movie, in their book, is both lots of fun in terms of comedy but also very emotional and serious at times.

"Disney made us cry. And the DE team that watched it with me consisted of all guys. That says a lot, folks and in this case, it was a good thing."

As for non-video game fans, fear not, for the Disney Examiner team also assures that the film is still enjoyable for those not into gaming.

Have you seen Wreck-it Ralph? Is it worth seeing? Post what you thought in the comments (squeeing is totally acceptable), but be sure to WARN FOR SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT TITLE IF YOU WANT TO WRITE A SPOILERY REVIEW.  

If you haven't seen Wreck-it Ralph, feel free to let out some excitement here, as well. ;)


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