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So far it's been good for Disney this awards season, and now Pixar joins in on the celebration because Brave has officially won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Picture of 2012! It was up against Wreck-it Ralph, ParaNorman, Rise of the Guardians, Hotel Transylvania, and Frankenweenie

Are you surprised? Happy? Disappointed? Did you expect Brave to win, or were you expecting Wreck-it Ralph or ParaNorman?

Do you think this gives us a good hint at who will win the coveted Oscar? Since Ralph won the Critic's Choice Award instead of this, do you think it's now completely up in the air? Discuss, my pretties, discuss! :D
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The Academy Awards nominations were announced last night, and while some choices may have been somewhat obvious (see Daniel Day-Lewis, and Anne Hathaway), there were a couple of surprises. 

Not least in the Best Animated Feature Film where Disney sees three nominations, for Brave, Frankenweenie, and Wreck-It Ralph!

The category is filled out by nominations for Laika's ParaNorman and Aardman's The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

So, and I realise that this may be a tricky question, which would you like to see win?

Also, any reactions to nominations for any other categories?

I have a love-hate relationship with awards season and with the Best Animated Feature category in general, but I'll save that for my own blog.

My opinion )
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1 of Marie from The Aristocats
7 of Meg from Hercules
3 of (itteh bitteh) Merida from Brave

I needed more icons, so I made some. I might make more later today after I've slept (and cleaned).

Credit not needed. Just don't claim as your own, kthnks

i'm a damsel, i'm in distress. have a nice day. )
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From Toyhobbyretailer:

Disney has big plans for one of its biggest franchises for the next year! Along with The Little Mermaid returning to the silver screen and Frozen bringing yet another princess to the line, Merida, heroine of Brave, will also have her official coronation as a Disney Princess in July 2013.

Who's excited? :)
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 This year was extremely fruitful for Disney, both financially and critically (even when one discounts the wild success of Marvel's The Avengers) as Pixar's Brave, Frankenweenie, and finally Wreck-it Ralph pulled in positive reviews from critics and cold, hard cash from audiences, with only Frankenweenie failing to make a profit. Wreck-it Ralph alone broke a Disney record, having brought the company its most successful opening weekend for any Animated Canon movie ever. 

Now, as 2012 wraps up, all three of Disney's newest animated movies are being honored with Annie Award nominations. All three films pulled in Best Animated Feature nominations and numerous others, earning Disney 27 separate nominations in total for film categories only, the most for any single studio. Dreamworks, which has hit a financial hard point with weak stock performance due to its projected $50 million loss for Rise of the Guardians, is in second place with 13 nominations including Best Animated Feature for Guardians.

Other competitors for Best Animated Feature include ParaNorman, Hotel Transylvania, Pirates! Band of Misfits, and GKIDS Studios' The Rabbi's Cat

Paperman, the short film that intricately blended traditional and CG animation and played before Wreck-it Ralph, has also been nominated for Best Animated Short

The Annie Awards also gives recognition for achievements in storyboarding, video games, television shows, and much more. In non-film categories, Disney has also received nominations including some for Motorcity, Tron: Uprising, and Gravity Falls.

For a complete list of Annie Award nominees for animated productions, please click here.

So tell me, what do you think of Disney's performance this year? Do you think 2013 will be better? On a side note, are you surprised that Rise of the Guardians is performing so poorly at the box office despite very good critical reviews? Did any of the nominations surprise you? Discuss, my pretties, discuss!
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It's November 13, so Brave is out on Blu-Ray/DVD! Well, at least in the states.

So, tell me your thoughts/opinions on the movie! Are you guys planning on getting this one? If you're passing on it, is there a reason why?

If you have any other Brave feels that you wanna share, go ahead and share them in the comments!

Happy Tuesday, everybody! (:

EDIT: There is a 30% off sale today on select Brave items at the Disney Store (which extends to the website for people like me who don't have a Disney Store close by).  If you take advantage of this deal, you'll have to tell me what you bought in the comments!  Thanks to [personal profile] abarero for the head's up :D

On another note, I made the tags more comprehensive. Because reasons.


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