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I've made a couple of things as I'm not too confident in my fic-writing abilities, haha. I do hope you enjoy them, though ♥

Title: For Always
Film: Toy Story (set between 2 and 3)
Characters: Woody, Bo
Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Friends come and go. Leaving is inevitable, and having been around for years, Bo knows this more than any other toy. But no matter what, she'll never forget the friends she made.

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And here's the little something extra:

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Hope you like 'em!
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Hope you enjoy this, [personal profile] tessathesenator!

Title: The Play's the Thing
Word Count: 1,375
Fandom:Disney's Hercules
Pairing: Megara/Hercules
Rating: PG
Summary: Hercules isn't too thrilled about his portrayal in a new play, so Meg gives him a pep talk.

Notes: I really hope you enjoy this! I apologize in advance for my inner Greek Theater nerd coming out. For anyone interested, the play at the heart of this is Aristophane's The Frogs.

(Heroes, always trying to do what’s best even when it’s stupid.)
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I really hope you like it! And I really hope the length is okay. I tried my best to keep it around 1,000 words, but sometimes that doesn't work out so great for me. Hopefully less than 1,500 still works XD .

Title: We Wish You Well
Word Count: 1,488
Fandom: Disney Pixar's Brave
Characters: Elinor, Fergus, Merida, brief appearances by the triplets
Rating: Should be G! As G as G can be, even if it is a teeny bit bittersweet
Summary: A princess has many duties, some that might take her far from home. The day has come for Merida to set off on a voyage to a foreign kingdom to meet and deal with its leaders. Although Elinor and Fergus have all the faith in world in her, although they trust that she'll do them proud and do honor to Dunbroch, they're also still her parents and so they can't help but tear up now that the time has finally come to see her off. However,  family is family, and her parents bring some gifts for their daughter that will hopefully help keep Merida safe and well, and help her keep her family in her thoughts, no matter how great the distance that might separate them.



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