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The Mad T Party is a colorful, psychadelic Alice in Wonderland themed bash currently running in Disney Hollywood Studios Backlot at Disney California Adventure, the companion park to Disneyland in Anaheim. Though some had initially feared it would not be a worthy successor to ElecTRONica, the Tron: Legacy themed party that had gone on for years before, it has drawn praise from many for its stunning band and genuine party atmosphere. It is extremely popular with mainly teens and adults.

Now, a few were worried that the Mad T Party, being more of a summer show, would not make it to this holiday season, but fear not! According to the official Disney Parks blog, the Mad T Party will take on an all new Christmas theme just for this holiday season, making it unique among the shows that it has replaced.

"Those who venture down the Rabbit Hole will discover new delights – from fanciful garlands to elegant icicles to special edition silver tokens at the Mad Arcade – along with all-new songs and a bit of snowfall, just in time for T."

This is definitely great news for any fan of Disneyland!
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Now that U.S. election season is over, it's almost that time of year again, Disney fans! Once again, we can expect our beloved Disney Theme Parks from around the world to pull out all the stops for this 2012 holiday season! We have Thanksgiving and Christmas still left to celebrate, and then it's time to say goodbye to this year and welcome 2013.

Here are some holiday updates for you all to get into the spirit!
  • The Disneyland Resort's official holiday season will begin on Veteran's Day (observed), November 12th, 2012. It will end on January 6th 2013. Along with old favorites such as A Christmas Fantasy Parade and Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks show, new features for this season include a brand new Cars Land and Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, which will be decked out in their holiday best for their first ever Christmas!
  • Walt Disney World will deck the halls with Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom, from 7PM to midnight, held on select nights from November 9th, 2012 to December 21st, 2012. Guests with tickets to this exclusive event can enjoy complimentary hot cocoa and cookies through the night, along with Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade and Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season fireworks show! For more on purchasing tickets to this festive holiday event, see the official site.
  • Disneyland Paris will enjoy a special Christmas tree lighting ceremony led by Mickey Mouse himself every night of their holiday season, from November 9th, 2012 to January 6th, 2013. Expect parades, fireworks, and traditional holiday decor. Because of the weather, you may be also able to witness this resort turn into a literal winter wonderland, bright and beautiful with snow!
  • Tokyo Disneyland guests will be able to experience Christmas at this resort from November 7th, 2012 to December 25th, 2012. Snap a picture of the castle decorated in its finest, and make sure to catch the "Christmas Fantasy" special event and watch the special Disney's Santa Village Parade in Disneyland Park, along with such other entertainment opportunities such as Colors of Christmas at DisneySEA!
  • Hong Kong Disneyland will welcome its holiday celebration sometime in mid-November through December 31st, complete with sparkling decorations, a glittering Christmas tree and parades and fireworks for guests to enjoy. And the fun doesn't just end at Christmas! The park will also stay festive throughout January and February to celebrate the Chinese New Year in true Disney fashion!
So, everyone, are you ready? ;D 


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